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Thread: Dolly Darling's Warm-U-Up Carrot Soup

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    Default Dolly Darling's Warm-U-Up Carrot Soup

    Its the perfect season for Carrot Soup! Yum Yum
    With the cold Autumn weather, this is soup season. The good 'ole carrot and other root veggies are perfect for warming us up this time of year. The carrot has beta carotene in it, so if you want to get a little "tan" you can eat lots of carrot soup over the next week and besides it being super healthy and warming, you can get a lovely natural tan from it too! Carrot can help fight cancer also. A tip on the boiling: If you dont cut the carrot, but boil it whole, then it keeps in most of the cancer fighting properties. There is a brush you can scrub veggies and this way you keep the skin on. In the skin, its super healthy for you, so dont peel it off and throw the precious skin out. Boil up the carrot whole, peel and all. So in the soup pot, add your water, put in your carrots, cut up your celery, and add white onion to your liking. Boil it on low heat till the fork goes easily thru the carrot. Bring over to the blender and puree. Bring back to the soup pot and add a little SEA SALT if you wish. *Always cook in your salt. Dont add salt after meal is cooked* Keep the pureed soup in the soup pot for 10 minutes to take off the "buzz energy" created from the electric blender. Now your "fire energy" is back in your soup which give you a better energy then electric energy. You can garnish with cut up scallions if you want.

    I have a nice tan now from the soup ;-) and I feel warm on this chilly day. I love carrot soup! If you add this recipe to your collection you can name it "Dolly Darling's Warm-U-Up Carrot Soup" :-)

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    Carrot cake beats the shit out of that Dotty !
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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