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Thread: sonny,s ex-missus anal thread

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    Default sonny,s ex-missus anal thread

    yes lads,

    she was a deadly woman for absolute tidyness

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    Fair play sonny but its what she did in the toilet you shoud of been more worried about

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonny View Post

    you,ll be worried when kim and aggie come round to sort you out mclovin

    I'l send them round to your misses after my morning rim job

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    At least now with the bitch gone once and for all you get to enjoy your weekends sonny.

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    With no misses around anymore sonny has to resort to desperate measures when gettin dressesd in the mornings

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    i know she left ye sonny with the kid but do you not think your takin this single mother thing a bit too far

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonny View Post
    hope you dont think i,m going TS

    meanwhile mclovin has been enjoying a bit of face sitting

    I KNEW THER WAS SOMEONE ELSE THER THE FAT BITCH One of your skank whores i take it you should show the rest of the footage so the lads can see what happened when i sat on her face

    Meanwhile sonny decided to get all his single mates together 4 a night on the town i just think you guys went too far with the whole power ranger thing

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    And as if sonnys life wasnt hard enough at the moment his boss found out what he does all day at work and lost the plot

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    After the bolocking he got he went over to his buddys house to unwind i just dont they thought the whole pool thing out properly

    The two girls they rented for the evening got some shock

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    I know they said get out and meet new people sonny but do you not think your new best friends are a pair of weirdos

    In a totaly unrelated incedent last night i paid these 2 sluts to shit up each others asses

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