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Thread: regular galway girl

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    Default regular galway girl

    just wondering if there is an irish girl working in galway looking to build her regulars list. im clean and friendly and willing to please. please pm me with you're details xx

    if you are not irish but think you can make me happy, please pm me also xx

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    Default regular girl in galway

    thank you to the 2 girls who pm me with my request. although i may take one if not both up on the offers what im looking for is a girl not necessarly registered here or with a profile that works in galway full time to contact me. so if you think this is you please please get in touch x

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    good be interested in the same too. please pm me

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    girls whats going on... ye must all be flat out... no offers yet but please im genuine, i just want to meet a girl pref irish for regular fun. x

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