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    Hi everyone! Cable87 here! I'm new to the game here in Ireland, but I just had a great time with my first escort here in Dublin!

    I just had a quick question that maybe someone in the forum or the moderator might be able to address, and the question is:

    What, if anything, is done to prevent escorts from falsely advertising for services that they DO NOT actually give? Is this simply overlooked or dismissed?

    My question arises from my first experience with an a escort in Dublin, who I will not name here. Her profile claimed that she does, in fact, do tea bagging, but after I arrived and we got started, I asked for it and she said that she doesn't do it. When, to my surprise, I mentioned to her that heron-line profile claims that she does do this, she giggled and claimed she knows that her profile says she does, but that she doen't do it.

    I was just wondering if escorts are asked in situations like this to remove false claims of services that they do not give after someone says something about it.

    Overall I had a great time, & I'd see her again-- I just was hoping that I could show up to meet a girl & not leave with any (even minor) disappointments or misconceptions as to what to expect-- if she doesn't do what she says, than she should not have it in her profile.

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    If you post a review expressing that the advertised service was not available, that helps. We can then challenge the escort (Most escorts admit the truth to us when we challenge them in this way). Also, it warns other punters who read the review.

    I'm as frustrated about this as you guys are. I can't understand why it is certain ladies insist to us that they provide services they don't. Surely that is no way to do business?


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