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Thread: Dublin City Centre, right now

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    Default Dublin City Centre, right now

    Hello, any ladies available now in dublin city centre
    looking for something specific- bit of role play with the lady in a school girl uniform if possible and me spanking them would be fantastic
    PM me if you interested

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    Default Dublin City Centre right now

    A couple of observations about the above posting.

    1 If you find somebody like that you will be very lucky

    2. If your on line why dont you just scan through the profiles pick somebody out that floats your boat and contact them ? Its not that hard.........

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    hi solo
    guy`s right, check profiles then ring, few if any escorts are online now, best of luck

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    solo Guest


    you guys are right. I had rang Anna because her services are up my street but she didn't answer, her profile only lists her as available till 9pm.
    this is quite a specific request I think, thus I prefer to have it in writing so the girls can read it themselves. I'd be afraid of a miss understanding talking to some-one who's first language isn't english with my accent over the phone. thus the post
    thanks lads

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