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Thread: Anything happening in Belfast?

  1. Default Anything happening in Belfast?

    I couldn't find anything posted recently about Belfast so I figured I would post something up.

    Apart from a couple of ladies that work around the Ormeau baths / Back of the Limelight area are there any other areas a gent should be checking out in Belfast?

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    Its been a while since i used street girls but there used to be a spot in west belfast, most weekend evenings from 10pm or so you could find about 3 or 4 ladies at the entrance to the dairy farm centre or just up the road a bit at the roundabout. Quality varied alot from 50 and fat to a really nice 18/19 year old with a smoking hot body, so long as she didn't talk she was a godd punt.

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    anyone else know of anywhere in belfast or even other towns where it might be worth a look. I used to work at a food processors in Craigavon and a local hooker would hang around at the end of the road at shift change (funny enough she always seemed to get a lift!!) So are there any hide gems out there???

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    try to get a few posts on here and maybe we can get this discussion up and running, you have really put me in the notion for a good old fashioned home grown girl next door car fun punt

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    maybe the street scene is dead??????

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