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Thread: NB3 it isn't working . . .

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    Default NB3 it isn't working . . .

    i had another fake review today,

    this man gets on and registers yesterday,
    leaves me a review,
    i know it's crack-a-rib-laughing review
    i experienced that today,
    i also experienced my busiest day ever
    here's the link: Escort Ireland - Escort Reviews - Review 015356 - Irish Independent Escorts, Irish Touring Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies

    there was no usual- *this client just registered to post* from your good self
    i'm just wondering why. . .


    i understand totally why the majority of advertisers don't post or choose to allow reviews

    they're hesitant because of crazy people trying to destroy their work

    there has to be some form of back up for the advertisers of this site

    we are after all it's bread and butter

    i havn't the time to be double checking and posting everynight.
    there are hundreds of escorts in ireland not posting and not allowing reviews,
    it doesn't seem to affect them either really
    although i know the 'reviewers' would hope it makes a difference
    i doubt it or the escorts wouldn't be busy and still be advertising

    i was on two minds about opting out
    but i realise how transparent the reviews are
    even without the usual ditto from you NB3
    another reason is
    for the laugh i got alone
    let them stay up . . .

    . . . because
    as i've realised lately
    more so today my busiest day ever
    and according to my clients that have read them


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    As i said to you via pm , i can only deal with these reviews with the tools i am given by patricia.
    Every thing that could be done with regard to this reviewer was done.....

    I cannot rat every new reviewer.

    And according to you all your reviews lately have been faked and i cant disagree with you some have been.

    What i cant understand is why this people seem fit to write fake reviews of you, because i cant see 70 an hr making a big dent in the pimps of dublin pockets.

    Is it possible u have pissed them off in some other way...

    As I also said to u in Pm , its no skin of my nose if you opt out of review system and it might your best course of action if you believe its not working for you

    But in the mean time ,i will add a comment to the review.


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    I am very concerned about NINER.
    He is my good friend and though I am happy that he has been given this title, I don't like that all this responsibility is put on him.
    There are so many fucktards writing fake reviews, and to just have one man trying to stop it all, is assuming he has super human powers. Its not fair on him to think the superman cape Patricia sewed up for him, actually has super-human rat-ridding powers also.
    I talked to him last night and he was very distraught about not being able to stop certain fake reviewers. I did try to explain possibly a good point about leaving some up here and there. As it may warn us escorts not to see a reviewer that is covered in rat shit. But I think having just one person have to deal with all this rat shit is not fair. I think there should be a couple to handle this. Patricia picked several mods, where in my opinion 1-2 would be enough, but the review situation is of major need, and yet there is only 1 superman trying to swing his fists in all directions fighting off the rats. And since this superman is my friend, I dont like to see him have so much pressure and stress from this.
    If Patricia will allow nine to pick a partner in rat crime, I will feel much better about him being in this superman position. And he will not get so many pms nonstop dealing with not only the rats but also escorts reporting rats, bugging him to get rid of rats, him pming Patricia for her help, ect. I do expect to see Niner in tip-top condition when I get to Ireland. He has been waiting a year for my arse. I dont expect him to be all worn out just from exterminating rats.

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    Personally I won't give an escort who doesn't allow reviews a second look.

    If the girl has unverified pictures and zero reviews- I'd still take a chance on her before risking it on a girl who absolutely forbids reviews.

    Okay, so anyone with nothing better to do can give you a bad review... but if you make an effort and can prove that the review is a fake (or even make an effort to contest the remarks) then it shows that you take pride in your job... and thats 10 times better then not allowing reviews at all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just_joe View Post
    Personally I won't give an escort who doesn't allow reviews a second look.

    If the girl has unverified pictures and zero reviews- I'd still take a chance on her before risking it on a girl who absolutely forbids reviews.

    Okay, so anyone with nothing better to do can give you a bad review... but if you make an effort and can prove that the review is a fake (or even make an effort to contest the remarks) then it shows that you take pride in your job... and thats 10 times better then not allowing reviews at all!
    Yes Joe I agree with you there.
    If an escort doesnt allow reviews then I dont consider her for a punt.Simple as that.
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    unverified pictures and zero reviews is a no show i have wasted to much money trying them all you get is 50 extra for kissing, owo and so on them time up you must go. sinead i say stay with the reviews i know your pic unverified but if you drop out of the reviews you would not be in the running for a lot punters.
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    Im really private, don't advertise here, therefore cannot have reviews and i have only one pic on this site that only 'friends' can see. If my gut instinct is that i can trust the person then i send them more photies. l got loads of work. Maybe if i wasnt from Ireland i wouldnt have minded being so public but im not so i had to take precautions and have a screening process. i was a deadly escort though.

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    It has happened before to escort friends of mine that they attract unwanted attention from nutters. It is an occupational hazard, especially for the better escorts. If it gets too much, my advise is to go for a makeover, new make-up, hair etc. and get new photos. Buy a new phone and pick a new name. Advise your regular clients, that you want to retain, to switch to new name/number. After you have switched most regulars, advertise as new name. Ask regulars if they would mind repeating reviews under new name if they had made one before. Send old phone abroad so any callers will hear foreign ringtone. Enjoy your new nutter-free life, at least until you attract some more.

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    Arrow I beg to differ ....

    Quote Originally Posted by MissX View Post

    NBT is doing a very good work with the tools he has.
    The review system is controversial by its own nature and like all systems in this world, it cannot be perfect, all have a little room for error.

    Regarding first time reviewers, not all such reviews could be ratted, that would means we don't believe anymore that any new people are leaving their first reviews, which is simply absurd. So once in a while, you have to give to someone new the benefit of the doubt that the review is genuine.

    Looking at your reviews, it is obvious that you got plenty of understanding, as you have 4 ratted negative reviews.
    Probably if NBT would have ratted the 5th negative review you have received, then we would have another debate here, on a different topic: punters complaining that NBT is not doing a good job as he favours certain escorts and rat all their negative reviews !!!

    The rat system is about the overall dodgy perception that the review / reviewer leaves. Sometimes genuine reviews are marked with a rat if the reviewers don't put a bit of thought in what they are writing ... sometimes fake reviews could not be detected as fake because they are simply too well done ... Either way, a review arbitrator's only way to know the true would be to have magic crystal ball or something like that

    NBT may be on to something in regard to your abundance of negative reviews: due to your very low prices you may be the target of unfair competition, trying to put you out of business or at least to take as much as possible from it. If that's the case you may have to reconsider your add: change your prices (or at least put "ask" and give the information only to trusted callers), opt out of the review system (I can guarantee that with your low prices and the fact you are Irish you'll still get plenty of business) etc etc etc ...

    I happen to think as well that this 4th review is fake, how in the name of god would you be biting his private parts ??? Not even a first time escort could be that inexperienced. However, please try to think outside the box and imagine what would you have done yourself as a review arbitrator when an escort gets her 5th consecutive negative review?

    I personally got 2 ratted positive reviews and I actually met the guy who left them, we were even quite friendly with each other. However, seeing the strange circumstances regarding these reviews, I accepted to have them ratted because as I said, trusting the reviews is all about the general perception surrounding them and those 2 of mine are a little controversial to say the least.

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    Default Well Said Dolly and Karin!!!

    I agree with both of your points and must say that since NBT has been busy with reviews system there have been vast improvements and ofcourse he is doing his best with the tools he has availible...Lets not forget rome as not built in a day....
    Ofcourse he cannot mark every new reviewer as a suspect with a rat because how did any kind of reviewer become a reviewer to begin with they always had to post a first review..
    It is sad that people do abuse the review system to write fake reviews negative/positive at all but sadly this happens...
    I think maybe Karin is right though look at the flip side of the coin to many ratted reviews and then the thread would be saying certain girls are favoured it is not an easy position to be in.NBT has a hardtime having to please ladies as well as clients and has to be as accurate as he can be but lets not forget he is only human.
    Perhaps Dolly you are right that he needs a rat helper of his choice to help him out with his efforts this would probably work in favour for him, having a rat assistant as together they could combat much better etc etc....
    Will MISS you all... For those of you that will keep in touch you know how to do this.... Take Care Kisses Alyssa Jenkins xxxx

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