I am going to write these things to make a few things be clear.

What does independent mean? If a girl wants to work in Ireland but only for two weeks what can she do? There are two chances:
1., Go to a hotel which is uncorfontable for the girl and for the client as well. And really expensive
2,. Go into an appartment. Much better. BUT!!! You can rent an apartment only for 1 year lease. Fuck! What could the girl do? She tris to find a guy who lets rooms for short terms to do this work, but it doesn't mean that that is an agency!!!
Nobody is independnt: we have to give a part of our money for the Goverment, so the goverment is the pimp! Or what? Everybody works for somethigs: to make a better life, to help the family or to buy more clothes. I don't belive that most of the girls would have been trafficing (forced to work) in these times.
The main problem is that most of the escorts have to do this job to be able to make a better life than they would be able to live with a normal job. We are not ugly persons. We don't sell drugs or guns. What we do is ENTERTAIMENT:
What would happen without escorts?
Just imagine to go home to your wife who doesn't allow sex now nearly for half of a year. Or being alone? Tired to find a girlfriend? Or to keep a secret lover is risky? Sometimes you should think about my words. EVERYBODY NEEDS LOVE, TO FEEL THAT HE COUNTS EVEN JUST FOR HALF AN HOUR. Do you think that these girls are not even human? Some clients treat us like a dog. What about that? What do we feel when they shout that "you are a fucking bitch nothing more" Is it fair? A client has to give faith to the escort and the escort has to give faith to the guest (client).
Fake pictures, name changing:
Some girls are afraid to use their own photos. They are afraid from to be seen of a friend or family-member. That is why they choose a relly similar girl from the net. I always used my own pics but not all the girls are the same.
The girls change names the be new girls to be able to get new guests.
What rest:
Some girls are doing this job just for a little while and they continue there lifes as soon as they can.
What does escort mean? To have sex for something? So what about the wifes when they have sex to keep peace in the family? Or what about the models or actreeses or secreterie, etc who have sex to get what they want?
NOTHING IS RELATIVE and not all of the escorts are the same. You can understand this world only if you are in.
Istead of searcing the faults in the world you have to start to find the "sunshine"