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    did u ever eat it? mmmm heated with a scoop of ice cream? well I had it with my bacon today I bought a 2nd one & brought it to my special friend who gives me a massage & a wank I had a pre-arranged appointment, she loves chocolate & I got her a big slice! the deal was that she could have half of it if I could heat up the other half & smear it over her naked body & lick it off she was game for this she was getting none otherwise its 4.50 a slice U know!! I heated it well smeared it over her lovely body & licked every bit off simply fantastic! chocolate all over my face I had, what a laugh! did u ever do similar?

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    Default best ever

    mmmmmm are you ever comin to dublin by any chance
    i absolutely adore the Kylemore chocolate fudge cake heated with pure vanilla ice cream,absolute heaven

    150 for half hour
    250 for hour

    ****genuine irish girl waiting to be satisfied so call me now boys****

    Holly xxxxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mademoiselle Avenante View Post
    I love dark dark dark dark chocolate. The best ever.
    Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate is a league above the rest. my favorite. such smooth bitterness. hmmmmmmmm

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