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    I know a lot of girls say 24hr hours but is there honestly any point in calling early in the morning.
    Ive no problem ringing but only once. And I couldnt be bothered calling around at this time in the morning.

    Is there a way of throwing up a notice here and getting a pm, then calling them back?

    Also whats a good rate for 2hours? Say its 150ph, what would you pay for 2 or 3.

    Sorry for the dumbass questions but havent used this site to contact anyone yet and was just trying to get an idea of how things work.


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    Good morning,
    Welcome to the site, from my experience you do not meet an escort on this forum, you have to ring them directly as most of them do not use this site for contact just advertising, regarding the 24 hours very few grls actually do it, if you ring majority of the phones are turned off, I imagine they mean that they work till 2 or 3 in the morning, lastly for two hours you should pay no morw than 250 but in thes erecession days you could get it for 200 euros,
    anyway enjoy the site

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    Thanks Rodeoman,

    I didnt want to start ringing numbers and my number to show up all over the place.
    I thought maybe I could message them here, if they message back, Id call.
    Thanks for the money tip also.

    Guess it will have to wait until tonight.


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    Thumbs up welcome!

    welcome bankstar!

    like rodeoman says, the 24hr thing maybe to about 2 or 3 in the morning, but also the 24hr indicates that the lady will be prepared to do a 24hr appointment aswell, like obviously spend 24hrs with you at yours or at her place.

    as for the price for a 2 hour appointment i think the least you will get it for would be 250 -300, as the girls already droped there prices for the hour rate to 180 - 200, so they might do the xtra hour for 100 more. bit good luck in your search and once again welcome!!!

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