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    I just watched the Late Late show and to be honest i wouldnt have known it was on only for being dumb enough to actually read a stupid newspaper today.In any event i only put it on to see Brian Cowen and i found his appraoch quite ironic.

    this guy has the fuckin check to say that they must listen to the ppl and take their concerns on boards when in the same tone ,he speaks of getting Lisbon passed despite the fact that the ppl had voted no already,speaks of establishing nama (not worthy of capitals to be honest) despite the fact that the ppl dont want it and top economists say its a bad idea and of course the cuts must be right accross the board despite the fact that FF ministers still wont agree to their expenses cut.This guy also has the check to say that the sooner the budget cuts are done ,the sooner the country will recover ,despite the fact that he is just back from a whole summers holidays.

    How ironic,

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    Feeling sorry for you as you did'nt get a reply.

    Yes I agree I would'nt believe a word out of Clowan's mouth.

    This vote YES to Lisbon shit is exactly what I said shit.

    We are being told by Clown this is the same guy who said only 8 months ago.

    The fundmentals of the Economy are sound
    1 year ago
    The Irish property market is in for a soft landing.

    Now he says
    Vote Yes or we will be marganilised by the rest of Europe if we do.

    We are already marganilised, who is coming to our aid to fix up this economic shit ?
    After Lisbon our voting rights will be watered down to less than 1%

    And he says we will be marganilised

    Me Arse


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    We have already voted on this.
    Just because they dident like the outcome we have to do it again.
    Fuck them vote no and maybe this time they will respect us.
    ”The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.”

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