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    Was browsing today bit bored and i decided to have a glance thru some of the other escort sites,you know"dublin escorts,i.i.e,escortireland" just to have a look.i think the very first few times,before i used the message boards i may have seen these sites before but for some reason always came back to this one.i was wondering do many people on here use them other sites,?are they any good?is it just the same girls or are there different ones?
    Browsing thru the boards,they seemed dated.the setup just didnt seem as good as it is here,almost as if them sites were pilots for this one.whats the story on them or sud i just stat put
    mam mammy mam mam mam mammy

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    A lot of those sites replicate the girls on here. Seems like EI have taking the content over in some fashion.

    Most of the others are not very reputable. Only EI and IIE are in any sense trustworthy as far as I'm concerned.

    Adultwork is an excellent site too but not for domestic Irish stuff I'm afraid.

    Personally I think EI is comfortably the best of the lot. The forum is light years ahead of anything else out there and while the girls advertised is not as tightly managed as IIE I think it errs on the right side.

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