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Thread: What is generally involved in an outcall?

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    Default What is generally involved in an outcall?

    How exactly do outcalls work in terms of ethics and so on?

    Does the price include the hourly cost plus taxi fare?

    Does the clock start as soon as the escort arrives at my house?

    What happens if the girl is not like her pictures, or there is some other reason for the punter not wanting to go through with it? Does he just pay the taxi fare?

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    Outcall prices are usually exclusive of travel costs, i.e. If you see 1 hour outcall = 250 euro advertised, that usually means you would need to pay 250 euro for the hour plus the lady's taxi fare to and from your place. However, some ladies don't charge for travel if you are very local to them. Most often they do though, and thus the only way to get an exact price for an outcall is to call up and ask them how much for an outcall to your location.

    Yes the clock starts as soon as the lady arrives at your place unless otherwise stated.

    If you get an outcall and you decide you don't want to go ahead upon meeting the lady, I would advise you to always let the lady know this within the first 5 or 10 minutes and before anything has happened between you, plus offer to cover her taxi costs and give her something, e.g. 50 euro, for her trouble in coming out to you too.

    With the above I am assuming you basically got what you booked though. If you book one thing and get another, e.g. Book a petite Spanish brunette but instead get a curvy Irish blonde, it is then not your mistake so to speak, and I don't see why you should pay anything in that situation.

    When making an escort booking over the phone based on pictures you have seen online I think it is often a good idea to say something like "I am looking at photos of you online currently. Can you confirm these are up-to-date and accurate please? Because, if they are not, I am not interested in making this booking as I do want what I'm seeing online." Doing this makes it very clear you are not going to accept anything other than what you are expecting. You shouldn't really have to do this, but the fact is there are some escorts / agencies out there that think punters aren't too bothered what they get once they get a "service", and so it is just easier all round if you make it clear at the booking stage that you want what you've seen online sometimes, especially when dealing with a new service provider that you have no experience of.

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    Outcalls can be tricky and are best researched in some detail before hand.
    Try and talk to the girl before you ask her to come and join you.

    I never take a girl blind, ie some agencies wont let you talk to the girl in question and that for me is a non-runner. Most of them will get the girl to call you which is a must for me.

    The only caveat I have in terms of not going ahead with the outcall session if you are unhappy with the person who turns up is that it can get ugly, particularly in a hotel say in a town or country you dont know.
    Ever girl worth her salt on an outcall will have a minder........

    The better the hotel and the more you are prepared to pay, the less lightly you are to be disappointed.

    The 50 on top of the taxi expense should ususally cover any issues over you not going ahead but it, as Patricia says, do it pronto. My experience is that if you are a little generous you wont have a problem

    Remember you have 2 taxis to pay for plus the 50 so it is best to have the taxi fare agreed before hand and then have small bills to settle it.

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