I know this is an escort site but this is in the General Chat section for all to read. I have a Sony Erricson C905 phone which is about 4 weeks old. I bought it in the north for 300 sterling pounds on the orange network, but i got it unlocked so that i could fit my 02 sim card into it, so that means that any sim card will work in it now. It is silver in colour, has lovely big 8 megapixel camera, radio, bluetooth, wi-fi, memory card slot and quite good battery, normally 3 days without charge if you use it quite often, but a bit less if you use the wifi and gps or mp3 or radio on it for a long time on it. The reason i want to sell it is that i find it quite hard to use and i want to get the Nokia N97 the new touchscreen phone. I bought it for 299 sterling and it was new phone but it is about 4 weeks old now max and i would like to sell it for 250euro, but i will let it go at about 200 euro, full box and battery and headsets etc included in it. I just find it hard to use and thats why i want to sell it. I live in Meath but i can travel most places, but if you're in the Dublin/Meath/Louth area it would be handy for me but it doesn't really matter. I also be in Donegal Town and Letterkenny area's very often, every week or second week, and i could meet someone there either. If anyone is interested please PM me and i will pass on my mobile number to u. So 200euro for a 3 - 4 week old Silver Sony Erricson C905 (slide phone). Thanks.