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Thread: "Virgin" escorts

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    Question "Virgin" escorts

    Currently on business in the US and decided to try out the services of some ladies over here. Made an outcall appointment with a lady who's website looked promising. She arrived (almost) on time, dressed in a short dress and wearing flip flops (!?), then asked if she can use the bathroom. From there she made the mandatory "I'm ok" call to her pimp/friend/whatever, then came out in a very sexy little bikini and high heels, perfect body and tits. My jaw dropped, I made the right choice.

    To get things going we started a little chitchat. Seemed like an intelligent girl. Among other things she told me that she works as a go-go dancer in a local club in L.A. So we start a little slow undressing dance and a short while later we're both laying on the bed and I'm performing oral on her. After some effort, she comes and she seems a bit surprised about that. I think nothing of that. So I lay next to her and ask her to return the favor.

    Now here comes the weird part. She starts the oral on me, but it looks a bit weird. Awkward. Like she's not done that too many times before, if you know what I mean. I ask her to lick my balls (my favorite) and she looks at me with a surprised face, like she doesn't really know what I want her to do. - "Is there a problem?" I ask. - "Yeah, I don't know what to do". - "You have never done that before?" - "No. Can you teach me?". An escort that has never done teabagging before? Hmmmm. With some instructions from me she gets it and does a very good job.

    Some time later we're starting with sex and I try to get in position for missionary. I have to move her around to get her into a comfortable position. It didn't seem like she didn't want to, it really seemed more like she didn't know any better. Next we switch to doggy and again I have to move her into the right position, with her initial pose I would have to fuck the bed to actually slide my prick into her. Once I got her into the right position she seemed to relax and enjoy it quite a lot and finally started to adjust her body by herself to an even better position. Her on top? Equally awkward start. Her body movements were just very beginner-like, amateur, just jerking up and down a bit, like she was being electrocuted.

    Now all together it wasn't really all that bad, because after some guiding from me she always did the right thing and I was happy in the end. But the whole experience got me thinking. I know for sure that she wasn't a virgin, she also definitely was of legal age (I'd say mid 20's). But the whole experience was very weird. As far as I can tell this girl had sex with her boyfriend a couple of times and not much more than that. A "virgin" go-go-dancer, turned-escort in L.A.? That can't possibly be.

    Has anybody here ever had an experience like that with an escort?

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    You lucky, lucky bastard!

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