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    ..been done to death on here, but needs a freash header:

    I'm a fucking sissy about showering, always have been. I remember in my early/mid teens me and a few of the lads would be organising weekends away. I'd always be the arsehole who asked "and are there showers on that camp site/hostel" Just a little phobia of mine. I also have that thing where I have to wash my hands 79 times a day. Approximatley

    Anyway,this thread is not about trying to show-up anyone..but the very least an escort should expect is a clean body. I've at times went to an escort, only showered in the previous 30 mins, but will shower again if the escort requests it. And by the way brothers, don't be afraid to delve deep with that soap

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    Default Having a shower

    I personally think that good hygeine is essential, however if the guy arrives and smells well and asserts that he had a shower before arriving, then that should be cool with the lady

    I have at times thiought the shower is to reduce the length of time of an appt.

    One lady I was with asked me to have a shower before hand, I did, I told her after I wanted a golden shower which we did in (you guessed it) the shower, she gave me a quick shower down after the fetish and then after the fiull session I had another shower,
    Actually one before I met her too and one when I got home, so six in an hour.

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