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    French Male escort,37,1m80,70kg, european style, brown hair, blue eyes
    upper graduate, and well educated,And professional,
    I Started the escort services in France when I was student
    Now I have an other job but want in parallel to do this job in Dublin.
    you can find a man in a pub for free, if you want, but you are
    not sure to find the quality and the respect that I could give you
    I don't have physical criterium,
    I love the woman not for her apearance, but for her feminity .
    So even if you not feel confortable with yourself, it is not a problem for me,
    because my job is to make you feel beautiful and desirable, because this is
    what you are, and you just need to know.
    My prices are very affordable, And for the first meeting ,
    I will offer you as well 30 minutes free, in order
    to see if I am the real escort for you
    During this first conversation in the place of your choice,
    preferably busy
    (hotel, cafe, retaurant etc..)
    I will provide as well a full proof of my identity (Id card, passport).
    During or after this first meeting if you decide, to stop,
    no offence will be taken and it will be ok for me.
    thank you, and Carp dIEM

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    Now why cant Irish man talk like that fella? Charm the knickers off a Duchesse he would!

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