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Thread: Looking for wee bit of advice, newbie

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    Hi guys and girls.

    I'm someone who has spen the best part of the last six months considering options and in many ways consistently coming back to this option. I guess I am looking for any of the girls to pm me, I speak english and spanish, so would like to hear back from Irish, english or spanish ladies ro pl feel free to post here. I am looking to get into this business and I am not looking for a lecture, I am a reasonably strong lady and smart and sexy, I have great boobs and am clean shaven and love sex. I live at home, but have made enquiries re renting an a apartment in Dublin 2 and hope to be there in the next few days. Guys if interested let me know and let me know what you like


    How do i create an ad? How much is it?

    How much hassle is there?

    What can I expect to to earn


    Sorcha xxx

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    Hi Sorcha, have a look at this link, there's some info in here........

    Irish Escort Advertising, Advertising for Irish Independent Escorts, Irish Touring Escorts and Irish Escort Agencies - Escort Ireland

    You should look out for the girls that post regularly here, they'll be your best bet for getting pointed in the right direction...........

    Good luck.............
    Advertising space available for hire, and reviews for sale, just call

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