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Thread: Wierd Man!

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    Default Wierd Man!

    I dont know if this is the right place to put this.
    A man called me a few weeks ago, he's called **** and he's from Cavan. He wanted an overnight, i said id have to meet him for a shorter session first. He kept me on the phone for at least 20 minutes discussing (and obviously getting off on it) what he wanted to do with me.

    that was fine. we hadnt organised a date but he was going to book me in the days following that.
    that was fine also. then he kept texting me, and calling me non stop. to be honest i cant remember much of what he wanted to talk to me about because it was a while ago now, but it was a bit wierd. constant messages and constantly getting missed calls from him. That alone put me off completely.

    So i cancelled the booking altogether and then i get a million messages bordering on abuse. not what he was saying so much (it was all self pitying baffled child like confusion) but more the abuse lay in the volume of messages i was getting. i was always polite but firm and asked him not to contact me again. and he didnt. Until tonight i get a call. idiotically i had deleted his number so i didnt know it was him, until i recognised that wierd womanly soft voice of his. he asked me why, i said it was because he was too full on, i asked him why he was calling me after i asked him not to contact me again and i asked him once more not to contact me again. And i hung up on him.

    Then i get a message two seconds later saying 'oh well fuck you so, you're voice is so familiar! LOL, you're an idiot, bye'.

    he is insinuating that he knows me from outside escorting, which he doesn't.
    im not an idiot i asked him to stop calling me because he was freaking me out. he hasnt even met me, he hasnt even seen any pictures of me! what do i do if he contacts me again? if you think you should, just delete this post, thanks a lot Mia xx
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    Mia I'd say he's a stalker so wouldn't expect it to stop just yet some loons out there.

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    thats what i cant understand, he was phone stalking someone he never even met or saw! i could be ahorrible looking overweight greasyhaired lump of fat for all he knows. i think he is stalking the fantasy in his head. if you are reading this ****, just call another girl! theres loads of girls! one who has pictures and has a profile here!
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    hey there,

    the best u can do is ignore his calls and just delete his texts thats all. sadly sometimes there are sum wierd guys but my experience is the following: if someone just keep calling me with thousands of questions services, what will i wear stuff like that means just a timewaster never show up.....

    take care

    "The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast."/GGM/

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    Mia, this happens sometimes. Lots of weirdos out there. Just dont answer his calls.
    It would be worth to post his no in the private section so other escorts will be warned. If you dont have access, you can PM his no to me and I'll post it for you.
    Stay safe.

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    Default Freak!!!

    maybe im way off the ball here but if it persists could u not call the cops if the phone is registered to him they wont be long puttin the frighteners on him

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