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Thread: qph and the bigger picture

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    Question qph and the bigger picture

    Originally Posted by anon361 View Post
    Same shit different day... Always seems to be controversy around QPH... For this reason alone I agree he shouldn't be a mod, I stated this before, I would make this statement about the nicest of members if this shit followed them around but alas QPH isn't without his problems or history... I remember when he was first made a mod I was advised that we should give him a chance, I did and for the best part he did a fair job but now with all this... need I say more

    BTW, as for questions as to why he is here, I agree that every person has the right to post on any topic whether they partake or not, just don't offer first hand punting advise!! I could post a low blow about voyeurism but that would be low

    Anon has the wisdom to see the bigger picture and i agree with him and heres why...

    patricia has now got the mods that she and the forum actually always wanted all along ie thehighwayman, carlos, luther for their generally friendly and responsible manner to the forum. (doozer is the late popular and hard working addition) plus of course her long time madcap friend west with the responsibility of creative and madcap writing. And of course ric making good with the EotM comp.

    patricia and half the forum didnt actually want qph to be a mod because of his somewhat mega-dramatic episodes with herself and popular members of the community forum.

    i was somewhat of a dark horse, a funster and raker but i,d no real enemies apart from a row with cal which really didnt need to happen, anyway i choose to listen to the point he was making rather than the way he made it when i realized that being a mod had a responsibility to be impeccable with the forum and let their point be responded too. i done my best to always do this as a mod and if any one can point out where i didnt then say.

    qph is no more or less popular really than he really was when he started, he always has and always will clash with the other strong personalities on this forum as long as hes a mod.

    patricia intention was always for qph to do what he does best and write like he used to do when he first joined this forum only with his intention turned to justifying the leaning of the style of modship to his moral stance. qph no longer does that with the forum and therefore we,ve being seeing a somewhat lack of transparency and the ensuing madness.

    qph is a wasted talent as a mod, he,d be in my opinion far better back as an ordinary member of the community where he has the time once again to write out those thoughtful posts that we got to like him for in the beginning. saying that he was good as a mod with dealing with the spammers and advertisers end of the the forum.

    i would say to qph, step back, take a rest, see things from our side of the fence again, take a step back from the world of spammers and trolls for a while as was always your intention and let this forum see how it will work without you as a mod for a while.

    please, lets have a good thoughtful debate on this for once like we used to have a while ago when the forum was better. please mods keep friviality from this thread and please share your real thoughts on qph taking a step back as he always said he would right from the beginning.

    i like Anon do sincerely believe it will be better for the forum.

    why not try it qph?


    Miłego dnia!

    your in all honesty

    big bad john
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    come back to the forum and be an ordinary member, just like me now

    and i,ll shake your hand

    and we,ll get back into those good old academic debates we used to love

    the forum is moderated now by the other good men you, and we always wanted, so it can never get harmfull again the way you didnt like.

    will you take up the challenge of Change that we all need in our lives to stop it going stale?

    believe me its good.



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    Look, the site needs to be moderated. Some of the lads go too far in the posts and spats go on and on for pages and pages of pure shite. Admittedly I don't have to read it but that's not the point. That sort of ongoing stupid row where both parties are saying "no, YOU'RE wrong' and basically just insulting each other has no way of being controlled on the Internet unless through moderation, but right now on E-I it's not being moderated, as the mods are concentrating on banning profiles. I realise there's a fine line between free speech and moderation (which can be interpreted as crushing dissent), but that's a dynamic line and one that changes and moves all the time. That's why moderators have to be servants first, and not leaders. They have to be level-headed enough to know the difference and when to apply it.

    Fuck, one paragraph down and I haven't even made half the points I want to. I feel a bit like QPH. (Kneel before Zod! just kidding)

    Anyway, respect to you all, brothers, and I hope we can get back to taking the piss out of each other in online friendship again soon.

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