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    Hey all,
    how are you?
    I m reading the statistics and is not very nice... most of you are not satisficed when you meet a girl... rewies... is just 1 good of 10 (is not exactly, also is not point)...
    what is the problem... what's wrong? Im asking siriously, Im not a time waster, if you have few minutes for me... come on, tell me what is the thing that made you feel badly...
    and why not... what is the best meeting???

    Thx Guys, for your time.

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    We are currently making some changes to the reviews system and then we will be making the statistics page more detailed also.

    When we designed the reviews system we presumed clients making reviews would have seen the escort they are reviewing, but that is not always the case.

    We have found a lot of punters are reviewing ladies they have not met, e.g. because they tried to meet the lady but then the lady didn't make herself available at the agreed time, so the booking didn't go ahead. Right now, these punters are filling out standard review forms and saying the lady was very unattractive, he was very dissatisfield with her incall location etc, and this is not fair on the lady, given he can't say these things if he never even saw her. We want to make it possible for punters that didn't get as far as meeting an escort to review her also though, as it is fair enough they want to express their dissatisfaction if their time was wasted etc. So, soon punters will have a new review form with choices depending on whether they got as far as meeting the lady and/or getting an escort service from her or not.

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