Has anybody been to see Anna, a 49 year old lady from South America, who advertises on the Mature Dublin Escorts section (of Dublin escorts obviously)? Looks like she's got a great body with a serious pair of tits, and i'd love to go see her, but the pic's are not proven to be her's and she doesn't have any reviews up yet. I think she's touring Dublin so she'll probably gone in a couple of days so i'd love to see her. So if anybody has been to see her would you please tell me what she's like. Cheers.

Also, there are 2 other mature girls who you'll find in the mature Dublin Escorts section aswell, one named Mature Woswita (or something like that), who says she's 58, and another girl called Sonia who says she's 54, but her pic's are not yet verified as being her's but whoever's pic it is (whether it is her or not) has a massive pair of jugs. Does anyone know anything about either of them aswell please? Cheers folks.