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Thread: Irish women on EI

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    Talking Irish women on EI

    Hey, quick query and word to the wise all tied up in one

    Irish ladies, you have to love them, the bst looking girls in the world and far better than the ** xenophobic comment deleted **, but probably because of their beauty and get up and go attitude, we dont get many working as brassers.

    I cant get over the amount of cartoons on ei for irish girls. Do they really think we are so dense as to go with such a bird. Come off it, agency, scam or both.

    I have been with abigail and she wa cool, but where are the rest. Can we hope for some genuine irish ladies with the recession and all. Hope so, but not convinced as I am old enough to remember the last recession and the streets were at the same levels pre and post.

    Come on irish ladies , ** xenophobic comment deleted **!
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    Default swap and bait

    sorry if thats what you thought was going on but as i have another job i have a lady who answers my phone on the odd unfortunately if she were to answer as someone other than me i would be accused of being an agency which i am not.i cant answer my phone all the time and as i know how frustrating it can be to be calling a 'dead' phone i decided to ask her if he would oblige me,this is a decision i may have to reconsider it seems
    i do think though that cartoon photos are a bit ridiculous and i wonder if any guy actually takes the chance on one of these girls?
    i mean if they are still advertising using their cartoon photo they must be doing some bit of business?
    on the other side of the argument,a client can never accuse the girl of using photoshop when she uses a cartoon

    So xxxxxx

    "Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature." Marilyn Monroe

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    I don't really understand how people get their kicks here. This guy has used the question 'Where are all the Irish girls' to imply one girl is an agency, another is ugly and a different girl is a little too fond of the drink on another thread. Maybe its that I pride myself on being a honest and genuine person that I can't imagine why anybody would so blatentlym for no gain of their own, bring another persons reputation into disrepute.

    I have to stick up for those I can. I've been with some of the Irish girls off here, Sohaile was one of them, I thought she was great. A lovely looking girls whos full of life. The bit about people coming and going a lot was explained to me as she shares the apartment with another girl who I thick advertises here. I must have been one of the dense ones who met one of the cartoon cut-outs aswel, and in fairness I was thinking the same thing as I went to meet Megan with the intention of walking if anything was amiss. My luck must have been in though as she was probably one the sexiest girls I've ever met off this site, really just my type of woman. I know Megan wasn't really mentioned, just thought I'd give her a plug!

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    Me thinks Brother Dooley is an old wine in a new glass and that an agenda is afoot. The sommeliers of the Patcave are ever vigilant for bad vintages.

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    Default Seen this thread yet Wiseguy ?

    Where is Wiseguy when we need him to make a comment ?

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