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Reason 2 why roxy removed her reviews
Posted Today at 02:04 by ninebythree

Hey people , this is another deleted review from my most favorite escort from a review with 17 reviews

The experience was terrible. She's about 60 and the last 5-6 reviews are "BULLSHIT". There all first time reviewers and i believe she's paid someone to write them from internet cafes. She tries to rip u off with extras. The experience a week later is what really concerns me (listed below)


Lads be warned. She's an absolute nutter. Did'nt bother leaving a review after seeing her a couple of wks ago. I changed my mind after she approached me in a pub a week or two later. I was in company and it was highly embarrasing. She regularly frequents the pubs around Galway and likes to drink copious amounts of wine. Roxy, you don't approach your punters out in the pub.


the answe with sarah she told me she post email top zeeboy and she is wating for hes reply

and he he post any new revew she will add all hes reviews as fack

what jop do you do mr wanker get alife 9bt you are nothing than sik wankers