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Thread: Mioux's 3some/4some etc

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    Default Mioux's 3some/4some etc

    I've been reading Mioux's "threesone/foursome/lotsofsome's thread for the last week or so and I think its pathetic that a forum full of punters can't organise a bloody gangbang for a girl who's obviously gagging for it!

    Leaving aside the whole "its a fraud/this is some bloke winding people up" possibility. I'm going to take bull by the horns and set this thing up once and for all (after all she did say she's a submissive who likes a man to take control - take the hint lads!)

    So here's the deal!

    I have provisionally booked a room in a city centre hotel for the next 3 consecutatve Fridays. I'll cover the cost of the room, the money does'nt bother me. I also have a friend who is willing to join me (and Mioux) on any of the above dates. So all we need is another punter or two

    Mioux - all you have to do is pick a date. If fridays aren't good for you - just say and I'll make the neccessary changes. FYI, if needs be I can get more then 1 friend to join us - (in fact i can get 2 or 3 but I don't want to wipe the eyes of the hundreds of lads who have been following the other thread.. Also; I can do all this a relatively short notice.

    I've got nothing to lose, so if the whole arrangemnet falls apart, I'll make use of the hotel room with a few outcalls ... afterall whats a few quid when you could be spit-roasting a hottie!!

    P.S. Mioux - I have a massive cock
    P.P.S - my friends have massive cocks too . hahah .
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    oooooooooooh this is EXCITING! can you pm me and ill send you my number. VERY excited about this! i am free next Friday and ill keep it free.early evenings suit me best, untill 11pm. i think 4 boys are plenty. Pinball is one to definitely contact about this, hes been trying to organise for ages.

    Thankyou you've given me hope!
    massive cocks are mega

    m xx

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    Default Gangbang

    Hi im interested in your gangbang can u pm me details and number thanks!

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    I'm interested, please PM me with information if this is being organised.

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