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Thread: Disappointed in Limerick!!!

  1. Default Disappointed in Limerick!!!

    Hi all...first post

    I'm staying in Limerick and thought tonight I'd try an escort. The dilemma earlier was who to call from the nice selection of independents listed. After much consideration (lacking in funds so wanted to spend well ) I proceeded to call a couple of the girls listed with good reviews...phones turned off Then I tried some more and same again or just rang out. In desperation I tried some agencies...only one answered and told me they have no one in Limerick for another two weeks. The only independent I did get through to was a dead end too as I couldnt understand where she was!!!

    Is it always this difficult?

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    sorry to hear about your hassle man. It's not normally that difficult - you could normally arrange to meet a good escort at short notice.

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