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Thread: Miss July E-I 2009 UPDATE 2

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    Smile Miss July E-I 2009 UPDATE 2

    Miss July E-I 2009
    Welcome to the E-I Escort of the Month Blog. Every day I update the current top list of escorts in the running for Escort of the Month.

    The current Miss June E-I 2009 is Brown Sugar

    The current leaders in the race for Miss July (which is points based on reviews) are:

    Lynne Miss April E-I 2009 (18 points)

    Jessica James (16 points)

    Erika (14 points)

    Karin Miss May E-I 2009 (14 points)

    Vanessa (12 points)

    Scarlett (10 points)

    Diana M (10 points)

    English Taylor (10 points)

    Sexy Brigitte (10 points)

    Roberta (10 points)

    Sexy Alesia (8 points)

    Gabriela (8 points)

    Lorraine (8 points)

    Eve (8 points)

    Lara (8 points)

    Rafaela (8 points)

    Sofi (8 points)

    English Georgia Lee (8 points)

    Amy (8 points)

    Sara (8 points)

    Elle (7 points)

    TS Amanda (7 points)

    The current Escort Of The Month is not eligible for the July competition but will be for August.


    1. Points are scored by reviews. +2 points for a positive review, -2 points for negative review and +1 point for neutral reviews.

    2. N/A reviews obviously don't count as do Rat reviews. Also reviews marked positive but read negative and vice versa are considered miss-reviews and are not counted either, so please take care while marking reviews folks.

    3. At the end of every month the top scoring girl is declared the winner. In the event of a tie then those girls scoring equal points will all win together.

    4. The winner/s will recieve free advertising for a month. In the event that the winner/s are not going to be working the following month they will instead recieve credit/refunds.

    Note; So far I've counted and read 5,396 reviews excluding N/A reviews and Rat reviews.
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