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Thread: The Corporal Killings...What Do You Think They Were They Up To?

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    interesting replies....

    I do believe they were doing some undercover surveillance, and they were pretty much hung out to dry and called morons who would just go and speed around an IRA funeral by their superiors.

    I do do agree that of you were in the crowd, you would think it was a hit, so therefore people shouldn't act surprised the crowd reacted badly. No excuse, more like a case of 1 + 1 =2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishdeltaforce View Post
    Reilly Barney, really?

    It's silly comments like this that give credence to people that say the IRA set the timers on the bombs to blow up on their own bombers.

    So Gerry could be seen carrying the coffin draped in the tricolour.

    Great press.
    And your posts are always Gospel .
    17,000 posts !! Feck I've nearly as many as IDF now

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