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Thread: Beat the recession - again

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    Default Beat the recession - again

    My fellow punters, despite what some of our leaders tell us, the recession is here to stay.
    Now punters like us, who during the boom times, had money to go to escorts all the time, now find ourselves financially short, which leads to less trips to shoot our loads with escorts.
    With this in mind I have another idea to help us save money to pursue our delightful hobby- so read on!

    Now we all have wives and girlfriends, and lets be honest here - wives/girlfriends are expensive to keep, for example they want to buy new clothes, every fucking week.
    And these new clothes are bought from YOUR money!
    But I have an idea, tell your girlfriend that due to the recession she cannot buy any more new clothes, and must wear her old clothes! For example her old School Uniform!!
    Okay she might start moaning, but just tell her that she must do her patriotic duty, as requested by Mister Cowan, until the economy turns around (in about 20 years).
    Now I know she probably last wore it when she was 16, and now shes in her early/mid 20s, but you see that has a benefit for you- the skirt will be short and tight (give you great views of her legs and arse-all day long!), and her blouse will be tight too (it will enhance her tits!).
    In fact the sight of her all day long will have you with a permanent hard on, which you can bang into her every night in bed- see last pic below . .
    And because she is not spending your money on clothes any more, you will have more cash to visit escorts from now on!

    So My fellow punters, go into the living room now, and tell her to get the uniform out!
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Don't forget the shoe's - sometimes more is spent on shoe's than on clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Once again Mr Spunk an excellent suggestion.

    You are continually coming up with practical ideas to save and make more money .

    You should be considered for minister of finance and chuck that plank Lenihan out !!.

    Personally I think that we should use this thread to suggest ideas to get Ireland out of the do do.

    Heres my idea scrap out outdated anti prostitution laws and turn Dublin into an Amsterdam or Bangcock (I always love the name of that city BANG COCK who ever thought about it deserves a medal)

    That way we can benefit from sex tourists from all over the place and as anyone can tell you sex sells.
    This will bring in much needed Revenue when the Intel's etc start pulling out.

    This is not as far fetched as you might initially think.

    In the 1900's Dublin was basically a knocking shop for the British armed forces. Hence the book Strumpet City. This area was known as Monto roughly where Sean MacDermott St is today.

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