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    how come her photo's are no longer certified and all her reviews are disappeared, kinda fancied giving her a visit .... is there a problem with her

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    Default The problem with Yuri

    Hey Luigi!

    Yes, as it turns out, there WAS a problem with Yuri...

    I visited her on th last bank holiday, and I wrote a mediocre review on it; she was ok with the 'service', if you take my meaning, but she was really cold, silent, and even a bit rude about a few things. What happened was that there were several reviews that were popping up on her profile/review page that seemed a bit 'suspect' (new user i.d.'s, bad english in the reviews, etc), which Ric decided to investigate. It was discovered that at least 3 reviews submitted by these brand new reviewers were all submitted from the same IP address, and thus were determined to be FAKE, probably submitted by Yuri herself, or someone else on her behalf.

    Those 3 reviews were subsequently RATTED, after Ric's investigation was over. The RATTED reviews were still up as of 2 or 3 days ago, but yesterday they all disappeared. The REASON they disappeared is because the rules set by the site state that if an escort opts-out of the review system, their photos on their profile page go to 'unverified' status, even if they were showing as 'verified' before when they allowed reviews. In addition to the 3 RATTED reviews, a really BAD review popped-up the same day those 3 got RATTED, so she basically had 3 RATTED/FAKE reviews, one 'neutral' review from me (as I'm trying to be nice about it), one where a guy got there and decided to leave without service because he thought she was an Ice Queen, one really bad review, and just one good review posted by Smarty. There was a discussion thread up talking about all of this; send a PM to Ric to get the link to tht particular thread about his investigation and findings.

    In light of the fact that she was starting to get bad reviews and the 3 others that she probably submitted for herself got RATTED, I'm guessing that she made the decision to opt-out of the review system (who else could have decided that anyway?).

    If you ask me, you'd be best to spend your time and money elsewhere. She was really cold most of the time; she made an effort to be convincing during 'the good stuff', but was really not into it, and came across as really uninterested and business-like. And just to mention it, SHE WEARS A WIG!! Her pics that are up there are accurate, and she's wearing the wig in her profile pics. She tilted the wig back into place after getting up from the bed! Not what you want to see at all!

    All the best and happy punting, but my advice is to AVOID her!

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    Ric is on hols the lucky fecker so there's the link you're looking for........

    Also I'm not sure about how the reviews and verified pics are linked. I think if they initially opt out of the review system they do go to un-verified but I think the escort can request that the pics be re-verified again and still stay out of the review system...
    I know of one case where this has happened but it may be at the site discretion.....

    Hope this helps......
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