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    Guys, it's been said before but for all the girls' talk about expenses the truth is they came here because Irish punters were paying above the odds ....Now, we can't. Simple as that. Check out the adult work websites....stunning girls for 100 sterling or even 90 sterling per hour!!!!! Whicih works out as more or less the same give or take ten euro...At least, it's good to see some girls are now offering 150 per hour here....It's time the prices came down to 120 eu per hour....Then they'd make a bigger profit..

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    The most competitive rates currently being advertised in Dublin are 80/130. Slowly but surely we are starting to move towards Dutch and German rates.

    Stand fast and hold the line brothers.

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    Default where? who??? independent?

    where? who? independents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbowsleeves View Post
    where? who? independents?
    Sara, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Knock yourself out
    Its the Crips and the Bloods all over again

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    Default no thanks

    sara bahamian?..............not my cup of tea at all...........

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    Default adult work

    Adult work is simply great value for money.
    I've been using it about 12 months and the average is 150 euro for an hour, no extra charges.
    On E-I you simply get what you pay for.That's why you get Sarah for 130.
    I would'nt go there for nothing.
    I do think the ladies here are still too expensive and top whack should be 200.
    It's good to see some ladies bringing down there prices but they will have to keep coming down.

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