just to let everyone know, my friend signed up to be a companion with www.femalerecruitment.co.uk , who advertise for dublin area also...

she was told that there was loads of work going and the way it worked was basicly:
she would pay 200 euro reg fee ( or insurance as they put it) then they would call her each day with any bookings, my friend sent her pictures and was told te next day that she was accepted and could begin work when she paid...

before se paid the 200 euro she was told about a booking for the friday night that followed and that she would make 450 in 3 hrs going for dinner with a guy in dublin,

the arrangements were made to collect my friend on the friday and she was told her booking was made , all she had to do was pay the 200 quid.

after she paid this she heard no more....however this site is still going and im sure others have been conned also ,,, so beware!