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Thread: girls in lucan for in/out calls

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    lookin 4 girls in the lucan area for in/out calls for the weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefin69 View Post
    lookin 4 girls in the lucan area for in/out calls for the weekend

    Hey You!
    Your in Lucan and you want escorts from your area?
    In Lucan? Lucan of all places?
    You are obliviously a amatuer at this, so let me get you some information.
    You must think Lucan is the Las Vegas of Dublin, the sunset strip, the soho of the city.
    Well its not!
    Its a boring dreary place to be in, and dispite what you may think its not teeming with sexy lusty escorts, throwing themselves at some gimp who broke open his confirmation money.
    You want escorts? Where do you think they are in Lucan ?
    Down the street? Across the Road? In the house next door?
    Wrong! They are in the city, the Big Smoke, that metropolis in the distance eastern horizon.
    You want escorts?
    Then get off your backside, get out your 300 euro, get on your bicycle and pedal to Dublin City, where the escorts will throw themselves at fellows like you, give you long long hours of hot kinky sex, in any pervy position you want, having you Cumming and Cumming time, time and time again,leaving your not able to walk for a whole week!
    Would you like this
    Well go into Dublin first thing Tomorrow!

    After that you can apply for SAP membership here.
    "Moron" "Smartarse" "Mister 20 posts" "Idiot" "Ignorant" "Sinner" "Unreliable" "Irish Loser" "Lunatic" "Troll" "Cunt" "Muppet"
    "repressed homosexual" "Impotent" "No Girlfriend" "No Job" "asshole" "Little fart" "cow shit"

    The MAN the Saps Love to Hate !

    Asshole of the Month MAY 2009
    As voted by Saps!

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