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    ir there any escort in roscommon that have a duo service for 2 day if there can u pm me

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    ir there any escort in roscommon that have a duo service for 2 day if there can u pm me
    HEY YOU!
    Let me get this straight, you want 2 girls, to give you a escort service, in Roscommon? Tonight?
    Well I hope you are not going anywhere else tonight because you will have a long wait for that.
    If you need to get your rocks off why not just up to some field somewhere and get a sheep?
    Must be loads of them in Roscommon.
    You save yourself a few hundred quid.
    Just make sure the fucking sheep is female though, Im not sure how to tell the difference, but I suppose a male sheep would have some Balls (probably more balls than some of the saps on this board), just look between its legs.
    I drew a picture for you below, just in case you dont know what balls look like, Sheep balls should look like these, so if you see these then its a male, move on and find a sheep without them.
    You will save yourself a lot of money by doing this.

    The Night Rider
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    The unthinkable has just happened . I just laughed my ass off at your reply
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