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    Quote Originally Posted by wtd2004 View Post
    I contacted her about this yesterday evening when I first saw it. Apparently she had already pm'ed the staff about it. I'm sure she'll post a reply later herself, but she's moving apartments today, as mentioned on another thread, and may not see your post for a while, so I'll post what I know.

    The explanation is that one of her clients asked to use her laptop for something else. This client thought it would be a nice idea to write her a review at the same time. Of course she was already logged in to E-I on the laptop. When you start a review the system tells you who you're logged in as, but apparently he didn't notice, so his review is posted as karin_27. The staff seem not to have noticed this, which may tell you something about the thoroughness with which they vet reviews.

    Lesson for clients: Don't review escorts on their computers. Even if you don't make the same mistake this guy did, you still risk having your review ratted if the staff notice that the IP addresses match.

    Lesson for escorts: Don't let your clients use your computer. Even the well-meaning ones will often screw things up.

    Lesson for everyone: Vetting of reviews is very superficial.

    In case you're wondering, no, I wasn't the client in question.

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