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Thread: Get a new Job!

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    Default Get a new Job!

    Are you one of the newly laid off workers?
    Or are you fed up with your boring job at the office?
    Or do you want the Challenge of a new career?

    Well look no further- because today, Fellow Punters, I am going to point you towards a new, exciting and wholesome career!!!
    The job description is Escort Agency Quality control Manager!!! And your job will be to test out new escorts before they go on to serve punters in the agency!
    You see in these times of tight beltening, all employers just have to raise their standards to keep in business, and Escorts and their Managers must do likewise, like our Taeisaght Mister Cowan says- we ALL have to do our patriotic duty untill the economy turns around again.

    And this is where you, the Quality control manager, comes into it, its your job to test those escorts, in all positions, and to either pass or fail them (but if you do fail them you can have them come back for a re test next week).
    So imagine yourself arriving into "work", some day, there are 5 new escorts to be tested-(see picture below), all of them giggling with anticipation as you enter the room, so you have to pick the first trainee, and take her upstairs to the "test room", up yous both go, you undress and get to "work".
    And 2 or 3 trainees later there you are, still at work, "testing" one of them for Anal (see 2nd pic below).
    Then at the end of the day you go home after a HARD days work, and have dinner with your girlfriend.
    "What did you do today at work, Darling?" she says to you.
    "I tested some 19 year olds, and fuck me my cock is sore!!" you reply.

    So would you like to have a job like this??
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    Default hard at work

    pm me an application form dick.theres no porn jobs in ireland(i phoned up irish jobs about it),so this might have to i get a rise after 10 years?.

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    I want to go for that job too

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