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Thread: Zip up your Mickey

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    Default Zip up your Mickey

    Zip up your Mickey
    I recall some time back, a thread somebody started about punters inadvertently impregnating escorts, well lets face it- it is the original natural purpose of banging females!!
    And I have to say it has crossed my mind on many occasions that I have had the pleasure of squirting my jizz in the close company of warm skinned escorts!
    Its not something I have ever mentioned to escorts- as Im sure most other punters have not either- we dont really worry or care do we?
    We just go there, pull out our Mickies, do the ball banging, shoot the load, Zip up our Mickey and go.
    I dont ask escorts about their family planning methods, as Im sure all other punters dont either, but its still crosses my mind- thats the problem.
    So with this in mind I have invented a garment which
    (A) Allows me to squirt my stuff over a escorts Tits, face etc while
    (B) keeps her family planning on a safe level.
    I call this garment the SPUNK SUIT, and I include a picture of it below-
    Its a rubber tight fitting 2 piece suit, Black in colour, the trousers part are not removable, they stay on, the jacket part is removable if required (Nice for tit fucking), the whole suit is smooth and fine to feel, and will for sale in a sex shop near to you soon!

    So no need to Zip up your Mickey any more!
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Dick Spunk, you're a fuckin' legend.

    But I have to question your choice of model for the spunk suit

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    I wish a girl had my child. Somehow I think we're safe enough though.

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    I agree with anonymouse.

    I have been having a great laugh at each of Dick's chavaunistic postings and I hope they keep on cumming !!!

    Here is a pic of my girlfriend wearing a Spunk Suit that I gave to her as a birthday present.
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