Just a very BIG THANKS, to all my old and new fetish friends I have being meeting up with on my last tour, which lasted two long lovely weeks. And to those requesting my return, be patient!

Sorry to those I still havenít had to chance to meet up with so far. But pay attention! "It is always bet to book in advance". I will be contacting the newbies who have asked me to let them when I am returning.

Just to let you all know lm I am back in the UK due to I have a lot of admin work, session, updating my website and photo/filming to do in the UK. However once my new dates are sorted I will have them on my voice mail, so check them out at the end of the week or shortly on my profile. My next tour dates will be:
Belfast 26th- 28th April
Dublin 29th - 1st May
Cork 7th - 9th May
Limerick 9th May
Galway 10th - 11th May
Athlone 12th May

Many thanks to all you guys and girl I met up with in Dublin, Kilkenny, Portloaise, Athlone, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Clare just to name but a few. I am so looking forward to returning and playing with you all over again.lol You got to try everything once before you die, and who better to share the experience with but me?

All the very best of the best

Mistress Maisie