Hi all,

I'm a long time professional web developer of all types and kinds. I've been creating merchant, computer games, community, personal, content delivery and commercial websites for the past ten years without a single complaint and all are still going. For obvious reasons I can't/won't post the links to any in this post but if you're interested at this point keep reading and I would be happy to disclose them discretely.

My prices are as follows:

Website Design: 600~
This includes an editable guestbook and/or forum, gallery and news. On top of any number of other pages you require. Of course this is dependant on what exactly you want.

Domain Name: 10 per year.
Any top level domain - com, net, org, or any other of your choice.

Hosting: $7.95 per month (yes dollars)
Enough space and traffic for any website of this kind. It's unlimited but if you start hosting content which you shouldn't be then it won't be long until the provider changes that unlimited to a 'fair usage'.

Any other extras you can imagine can be discussed and nothing is too much or too little. The only limit is your imagination.

No money changes hands until the final product has been delivered and you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the design and feel of your website.

Once the product has been handed over it's in your complete control and you will be the registrar of the domain name, you will be able to easily update any of the pages with information, pictures and anything else you wish. I can outline how to do all of this and more included in the price.

If you're interested send me a PM and we can take it from there. I look forward to working with you.