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Thread: dublin street girls

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    Default dublin street girls

    was in dublin during the weekend and had gotten lost, was driving around this park and noticed 2 or three women standing around, fitzwilliam square, spoke to two of them, they have apartments close by, not as good as escorts from here to be honest

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    Thumbs down Got lost in fitzwilliam of all places????

    Come on mate "YOU GOT LOST" pull the other one.....THE WISEGUY KNOWS BETTER!
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    Default street prostitution

    You wanna stay well clear of those ladies and i dont't believe ya got lost and i don't believe they were ladies.
    You wanna be off your rocka to even have a chat.

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    Default what "street" or "streets"

    hi all ,

    not from dublin at all but in there once a week ,
    could some of you lads tell me what street or streets to go too
    to find quality girls ....

    come on lads ,
    let us know , or pm me , whatever way ...



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    Hey Bitoffun, I replied earlier but text went astray, it seems.
    I haven't been cruising in a while, but I frequently see girls still touting for business, whenever I pass the area, so I know the street scene's still there.
    If you're cruising you're already downmarket, so just accept bjs, in your car. If you want full sex, or more intimate, spend the extra - you wont regret it.

    For the very best bjs in Dublin you should go to the northside, to the area between Montpellier (spelling) and Smithfield. Younger girls are out early evening, and more mature from 8.30 onwards, but get out of the area by 11ish, it gets too dodgy after that.
    Give the girls 20 euros above what is asked, and say its because you might be a bit slow coming, and that way you're almost guaranteed a good bj, with or without a condom, the choice is usually yours.

    Second-last time I was there I picked-up a girl slightly under the influence of alcohol, but she promised me a good bj. She fell asleep doing it, so I finished myself off in her mouth before I woke her. She was very flustered when she woke-up, and not realising her mouth was already full she insisted she still wanted to finish me. Rather than tell her I'd just came I let her at it for another 20 mins or so. In all it was about an hour of non-stop sucking. Not bad for 100euro.
    You've got to be on your guard though, there are some rough people in this area.

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    Could Cantwell or anybody at all please send me a PM about these girls as i would love to be with one of them soon and want to know the basic's. I haven't been with any street girl before and i don't want to lamp on the wrong girl! Or if anybody knows or might have a phone number for any of these girls PLEASE let me know. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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    could you give me a name of a street. had a look around that area before but didnt come accross anything. ur help could save me a lot of driving time

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    Default Pinball

    Best if you go to one of the girls on this site for 100 trust me.

    When the street scene was good in Dublin I used to do it not anymore, anyone left is possibly on drugs.

    Plus trust me on this one the Benburb street area is full of Gardai both uniformed and under cover. A priority call on their computer system for the area is when a local sees a hooker and calls in, they will be there within minutes. If a local calls at the same time as you are making a transaction you will get done as well. Its part of a plan to clean up the area.

    There are still some girls operating the Benburb/Montpellier area but very few and infrequent. You may get "lucky".

    Mount street at night is not a bad .
    However in the old days the druggies would be confined to the North side Benburb St.
    And a better class of girl would operate on Mount Street they would charge more !!!
    However this has all changed as a lot of the girls were getting hassle (read above) and moved over to Mount St/Pepper Canister etc.

    If you do happen to pick up one.
    Service is usually shit, also if you pick up the wrong one you risk the chance of being robbed.

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    Default 100 euro here

    lads spend the 100 quid here, shower, good sex, clean girls, no garda.
    Personally I've had some experience on the street stuff but its been so so shit, ONCE I managed to pick up a total hottie but she was like a bag of potatos in the car, too crapmed smell of cigerettes etc... forget it there are lots of girls on here 100euro for 30+ mins, safer cleaner and more respectful to the girls too.

    usually escorts, escort because they can, there good looking, clean, provide good service and rarley put themselves at risk, consider the father jack look a likes that have been breathing all over some junkie street girl!

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    got a street girl last nite 30 full sex not bad lookin either

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