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Thread: Canadian Mandy

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    Default Canadian Mandy

    Tonight i was catching up on some reviews i forgot to write and i noticed that this lady does not allow reviews .

    Now guys there is a reason for this , she is definately one of the worst escorts i visited.
    Actually asked me go to bar and bring her up a double brandy.

    So lads , give this one a skip

    Not surprising considering who she used tour with ..........the wonderful Roxy


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    Have to agree NBT, the word lush was created for her.
    I was asked to go to the off licence before my visit to buy a bottle of whiskey & fags. She had a mutant, locked male cousin stumbling about the place, carrying a large 2 litre of Cider. She said he'd punched a hole in the wall earlier because he's scored some marching powder & it didn't agree with him.
    I made good my retreat at the cost of the whiskey & fags, but glad to get away. Canadian she is not, my guess is that she's an Irish girl who spent a few yrs. in Canada
    ach ta si as an gaeltacht.

    AVOID !!!!!!!
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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    Default Agree

    yep, saw her in Cork last year. A bad experience. She let her accent slip a few times during the meet. Not to be recommended.


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    Default Re: About Canadian Mandy

    I must agree with the above previous reviews about Canadian Mandy I met mandy first almost a year ago and she was some what tipsy nothing happened basically she cried and talked. She told me that *text removed, contain private information*I returned to see her again may be 3 months later. I suppose I felt sorry for her. I with hand on my heart has assisted mandy for treatment of her alcohol given that I haven’t drank myself in almost 14 years. I have since become very good friend of mandy and can verify that she is alcohol free for over almost 7 months. She is as you probably know more Irish than Canadian!!!!!!!!! Her gailic is quite impressive!!! She is attractive, good natured, well educated and with a fantastic tall and fit figure and is approachable. I would highly recommend for her….I hope u won’t mind mandy me writing this all details to let clients know a little bit about your self. Thank u hopefully see u very soon. Ps we should all appriciate that drink is a demon if help is not sought for in time…
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    In fairness nearly all of these Ladies are very good natured considering what they have to do for a living. Mandy was lucky to have someone to talk to so fair play jack for being dry for 14 years.

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    the best thing I have ever askeda punter to bring me was stake, which I cooked afterwards for dinner lol.....
    Dublin tbc , Belfast tbc, Cork tbc

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    hi There . Please forgive my ignorance in regards to computers, am testing 123 123, to check if I can respond to views and opinons

  8. Wink In responce to NBT and CORK- LAD in particularily

    It is with huge regret to both NBT and Cork-lad of this unfortunate and extremely embarrassing encounter you both had with I. Both your statements are accurate and to the point. I DO APPOLOGIZE. I have since done some major alterations with both my life and no longer associate with the unsociables, to put it mildly( no names mentioned!!!!). NBT lush WAS ( no longer) possibly created for me but shit stirrer and coo coo land and thermometer ique is created for another old associate( again no names mentioned!!!!!!!!!)
    Hands up I am not Canadian but resided there for some years. I thought at the time that it sounded shall we say more exotic. How times are changing. Im born and breed IRISH and proud.Ta a lan gaeilge agam agus ta me broduil as sin( TIOCADH AR LA) cant get the slash to put on la.
    On that note ,SLAN AGUS BEANNACHT,
    Canadian Mandy.

    In responce to the other comments thanks JACKGALWAY( A bit too much info I thought) thanks also RELAX and KAT I ONLY WISH I ASKED A CLIENT FOR STEAK AND NOT BLOODY WHISKEY. O' WHISKEY YOUR THE DEVIL..................................

    C. Mandy

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    Forgot to mention, well didnt forget but got mixed up with user names and thought that NBT and THE NADS were same. Again, appologises to all, as mentioned already my relationship with computers is minimal, hence this is te first time in EI community.

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    Default Bula Bos

    Glad to hear that you are in a better place now. I hope things continue to improve.

    Go n'eiridh an bothair leat,
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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