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Thread: Edging?

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    Are there any masseuses that do "edging"?

    Edging is basically getting the man/woman to the point of orgasming and then stopping and starting again as many times as u want. But when u finally cum it makes it much more intense.

    I want to give it a go and want it to be slow and long but don't know who offers this service.

    I'll place a link to a video of wot I'd like. I dunno if this is allowed if not I'll take the link down.

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    The link doesnt work.

    Anyway I second to this. I am fast finisher myself whith strange girl. I believe that nerves get better of me. That's why I prefer handjobs on meetings. That kind of edging you can find on various sites would be my best date ever. Also dry humping seems nice as it can be done in similar fashion.

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    Or a lingam massage would be good also!!

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    Did you see my posting about Lingam masage in Massage Scene section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegreatgeraldo View Post
    Did you see my posting about Lingam masage in Massage Scene section?
    Just checked that out. It looks like it is what I am looking for. Hopefully experience goes with age.

    BTW have you tried other girls that are listed on the same site?

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    I would love a girl who is good at edging, preferably I would be tied up or restrained in some way !

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    Agree, would really go for an edging 'specialist' massage! Usually go for a nice 1 hr massage but things don't get really going until the end, and then it's time to wrap it up. So much 'wasted' time .

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    My first tantric massage was with a lady named Love Dakinibelle who lives in Boyle, Co. Roscommon I think but visits Dublin occasionally and operates from an apartment near Bolton St. She charges €100 for an hour. She is originally from US and seems to be trained in Tantric massage. From what I can recall she provides a pretty good overall massage using hot oils, including some hugging and deep breathing. She does strip off and provides body to body massage on front and back but doesn't allow any touching or kissing. The last 10-15 mins consisted of slow teasing massage of the cock, using hot oils. She tells you to tell her when you are close to coming, when she eases off, repeating the massage several times until you can hold back no longer. Overall it was a good experience, once you understand you can't touch her breasts, clit, etc. She is probably in her late 40s/early 50s, ok looking but not in a sexual way. You can get her contact details by googling Love Dakinibelle.

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    Hi I am new member but long time user to the site I like the sound of this edging and suggestions on Wat girls or any girls want to sushest themself

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