Booked with a guy, he come, sit on the bed, looking everything around, ask me if i was alone, if a have any friends with me . i told him i have my bodyguard in the car park, he travel with me, just to keep my money safe after each appointment, and ofc i text him to say "ok" when i am a new person! The guy decided to leave straight away. Ring me 15 min after, trying to make another appointment in 5 minutes telling me he was horny... etc!
his number is ........018.
Since i was attacked in Laois (agency sended 2 guys to rob us and puntch my friend on the face then i call Garda and in 5 min they was there), Mayo and Kilkenny, also, i always bring my bodyguard with me! Nice sweet irish friend, from Meath^^, pay him 50 euros a day, meals and bed, clean bed no sex he is gay with great yoga and gym body ehehehh!