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    Default A rant.

    Now that the goverment are bringing up income taxes (something that should have being done on a smaller scale three years ago) i really am wondering how much longer its going to take holy Ireland to stop and look at the adult industry as a means of taxation?

    Now each to their own.I never had any prob with an adult doing what they think is right for them but two things that i have problems with in relation to the escort industry are,

    (1) kerb crawling making a nuisance of society in general.No woman can walk along Morrisons Isl without some fairy watching them.

    (2) No taxes.

    No 1 get a life.

    No 2 is bollox.The old age slogan "Sex Sells" is said for a reason.Why in Gods name not legalise the industry?Escorts are protected ,clients are protected,competition will be better,red light areas will no longer be seen as sleezy sts but legalised and legit areas.The net tax gains for the goverment on a year basis (and i said net, not gross) would be enough to get this country up and running again.

    The industry is never going to go away and ppl are never going to stop using it either for a service or for a job.Its always going to thrive.I really think that if the goverment and Ruhama for that matter, are serious about protection of escorts and legal matters in relation to the industry then they would press for legislation.This is the only way to go.To say that in this day and age,an age where soft porn stories are filling Sunday papers which are purchased by ppl coming from church,an age where sex is published on virtually all daily newspapers in some shape or form,an age where there is more and more exposure to sexual elements with even adverts showing more and more flesh,the goverment should stop and seriously look at this.

    In any event,the pressure the ministers are under at the moment they could do with a ride.

    High five Brian?
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    I agree with you up to a point Westie.

    The industry should certainly be legalised and regulated. However, I'm not sure if expecting escorts as "sole traders" to pay income tax or VAT or whatever would work. If we cant trust other sole traders and people such as publicans, farmers, restauranteurs, taxi drivers, never mind the professional classes to make full and frank tax declarations, what hope would the taxman have with escorts?

    Apart from this, you have the question of English language competency and therefore the ability to understand an income tax form and also the fact that some escorts are probably not entitled to work at all or only work a certain number of hours per week depending on their visa/residency status.

    The simplest method is to establish a registration system whereby escorts can apply to be registered as legal escorts and pay the state an annual fee in lieu of taxation. A registered escort would be entitled to operate anywhere within the state, but would be obliged to register at the local garda station, undergo monthly health screening and have the properties they operate from inspected to ensure they are suitable for the purpose of escorting (health, safety and environmental issues). Each Garda station should have one or more escort liaison officers that escorts can contact if they are getting any problems from the criminal elements.

    Vice then would have the job of combating illegal (non-registered escorts) and trafficking, and there would actually be an incentive for registered escorts to assist the gardai to this end. Ruhama would continue in their current role of befriending, councelling and supporting those who want to quit the business.

    Taking a figure of maybe 1000 escorts of all genders operating in ROI in any given year or part of a year and an annual registration fee of say 10,000 Euro, you get revenue of 10 million Euro. Given the potential income, the annual fee could even be higher, or a monthly rate could be used for touring escorts.

    The annual revenue generated should be used to fund the escort registration system, the work of the garda vice squad section and to grant aide Ruhama. It's a bit like using the revenue from tobacco sales for the public health service or road tax for public roads.

    However, I dont expect our current crop of testicularly challenged politicians to rise to the occasion. But wtf, once we have 500,000 unemployed, we will have such a level of public discontent and upheavel, that revolution cannot be far away.

    Rest assured Brother Westie, once in power, I have the balls to make the law.

    Brothers and Sisters, keep your peckers raised and the red flag flying.

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    do you know what else the goverment could make loads of tax from???

    weed mother fucker, weed

    but neither your or my idea will happen in this or the next generation

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    I would legalise it mari, but only for medicinal purposes.(i.e. pain releaf) off to the GP with you mari and get yourself a prescription.

    I take it this proposal guarantees your support for the revolution?
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