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    Please read to the end if you can.

    Everyone has something that really turns them on. For some people its cock, others is ass, or body hair, or btm, or top, or fetish. We all have something that really gets us going. For me its muscle. For as long as I have been getting hardons its been muscle that has done it for me. As a teen I bought bodybuilding mags instead of porn and hid them under my bed. You get the idea.

    Decent guy here, goodlooking, hairy, average strong bod, not a fattie. Hairy. Basically I am looking for any way possible just to get to enjoy some muscle on a guy. I am VERY VERY open minded and laid back. Totally non-judgemental to other peoples interests and kinks. Live alone in city centre and happy to accom.

    So if you are muscular and would like any (can be one or more) of the following:

    A good massage
    Sexual service
    A place in town to hang out
    A place in town to sleep in
    A place in town to get away from your roommates, family, bf, gf
    Lots of admiration for your muscular body
    Dinner cooked for you and served
    A good interesting workout
    A place to dress up in anything you like
    A place to be naked
    A place to shag people in (open to this once we meet and get comfortable)
    Body and muscle worship
    Support for your muscle training and growth

    This list is not exhaustive; I am super open-minded guy.

    If you are interested at all please reply with more than a one liner. Tell me your age, gay/bi/straight, and details about your body. Pics def help. Tell me what you are looking for or would like.

    All I ask in return is the chance to have some fun with muscle, and enjoy your body with touching and admiration. Can be sexual or non-sexual.

    Keywords: Muscle, muscular, musc, muscled, built, strong, bodybuilder, weightlifter, rugby, jock, biceps, pecs, worship, kink, accom, accommodation, sex, hairy, strength, lift, lifting, gym, athletic, fit

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    have a look on grindr would be your best option

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deezer07 View Post
    have a look on grindr would be your best option
    Difficult to get all that into a grindr profile! hahah

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    shameless bump

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    any MUSCULAR open minded guys in Dublin?

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    any MUSCLE lads around? open minded?

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