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    Third day in London and still haven't book a London Escort yet as waiting for the right English Escort..Don't get me wrong as plenty of talent Escort here but in hounslow it brothel area and yesterday pass 3 brothel house on one street..Why do I know as black garden wire around the front lawn and it a give away..I am kind of guy who love to spend quality time with a beautiful Escort and no rushing in and out as you would have with a brothel house..One place which is near my hotel I use to visit a beautiful Indian lady for a year and half and stay in contact with her for nine month after but she gone back home I think for best reason..She never rush me and took her out to drink a few time after work as she lived in central London..So guys you are lucky to have a fantastic selection of Beautiful Escort back home and happy punting all..P.S Redforever and Rocker123 you need to come to London and show what these ladies are missing..;-)
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    There are some excellent Irish girls in London

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    Can you PM a few mate as it would be a honour to meet one here thanks
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