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Thread: An Interview with: Jessyca Wild

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    Default An Interview with: Jessyca Wild

    An Interview With... Jessyca Wild!

    Hi guys!
    What can I say, we finally have our first Interview for quite sometime now.
    I have managed to make some time to interview one of the lovely E-I Advertisers, getting to know them more on a personal level and learn more about their experiences and origins.

    Thank you Jessyca for taking time to do this with me

    I hope that you enjoy the questions that I have asked and I hope you enjoy Jessyca's answers.

    Floki: Hi Jessyca, how are you feeling?
    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions, so thank you very much.

    Jessyca: Hi honey
    I am feeling great
    It's a sunny i love it

    Floki: As a former adult film actress, what made you turn from acting to what you are doing now?

    Jessyca: I think like other escort ..the answer is money..and the right to be my own boss

    Floki: When you came into escorting, what was your expectations and did you expect to be in this line of work for as long as you have been in?

    Jessyca: I never put a limit of time..but i expect doing this job how long i will need to archive all i want to

    Floki: Going back to you being a adult film actress, what were your best and worst moments and would you ever consider returning in to filming again?

    Jessyca: The best moments are when u find a friendly producer..and team..not a dictator .like many of them
    I never gone 4ever from industry..I just don't accept all contracts.

    Floki: What's your favourite film that you starred in?

    Jessyca: hmm let me see..i think ,,wet freckles,,its a solo one.with many wet action..squirting.peeing.also giant toys

    Floki: Out of all the countries, why did you choose Ireland to work?

    Jessyca: That is a good question..
    maybe because irish guys are so friendly..and open minded and also because i have many friends in this country

    Floki: Where did you first start working?

    Jessyca: I start working first like a cam 18 years old..few months later i was selected for a porn casting..i keep going with both until 20 years and then move to Ireland and start escorting..
    I was traveling a lot for i wanted to be more one place for a while

    Floki: What do you miss about your home?

    Jessyca: People,weather and of course my home city

    Floki: Do you see yourself living and retiring in Ireland?

    Jessyca: No i am not because no place is better then your own home

    Floki: Out of all the countries, which has been your favourite to work in?

    Jessyca: I didn't work like am escort in another country so i suppose i cant compare...

    Floki: What has been the strangest request that you've been ask to do and did you complete the request?

    Jessyca: Hmmm i had many. so hard to chose...
    I think was a guy who asked me to play like i am demon ...he was a catholic priest(for real)
    and i have to possed him and make him jerking of while i am treating him like a woman..)

    Floki: As many clients like to give gifts to escorts, I assume that you would have received many gifts.
    However saying that, what was the best gift you have ever had, what was the most expensive gift given to you and what was the strangest gift?
    And most of all, have you ever turned any gifts down?

    Jessyca: I think the most expensive gift was a car buyed by one american guy i never meet in real..while i was doing webcam shows
    The worst? A coffee that I never drink
    Yes i did some small gift for my clients who always surprise me

    Floki: Is there a particular item that you'd love to own right now (something that a client could give to you as a gift)

    Jessyca: Hmm a girl never have enough shoes..bags,lingerie or any of this

    Floki: Do you do a type of service that you personally enjoy? I.E. foot fetish, submissive, CIM etc

    Jessyca: I enjoying most of my favorites..thats why i offer them but i think my favorite is Anal

    Floki: Have you ever had a thing for any clients? Would you even date one?

    Jessyca: I haven't had anything and i will not date one..because i know that guys is meeting i will never accept my own bf to do that.

    Floki: Would the possibility of becoming an escort-personal trainer would be an occupation that you can see yourself doing in 10-20 years time?

    Jessyca: No ..i will not

    I see myself far from this business in the next 10 20 years

    Floki: Working in Ireland as long as you have been, which nationality do you find to most attractive and which nationality do you think is the most polite?
    And which accent do you find most appealing to you?

    Jessyca: Being in ireland ..most common is the irish one..of course..but i meet lovely guys from US,France,Spain,Brazil,Polish..and they was all nice and polite

    Floki: Do you ever remember your first client and how did you find it?

    Jessyca: Yes i do. .
    It was a old guy and very patient with me..

    Floki: Of course there are some up and downs to being an escort. What has been your best moments and what have been your worst moments and does this effect how you work now?

    Jessyca: The best moments is when u see your client is happy and leaving with a smile in his face
    The worst of course are the bad clients..the timewasters and the wankers who don't intend to book

    Floki: Seeing that you like to dress up in costumes, do you have a favourite that you like to wear and which costume has been the most popular costume on request?

    Jessyca: I like to wear everything is looking good on my tanned body
    I love to wear sexy dresses or lingerie
    Most of the guys asking for leather or secretary

    Floki: I myself consider my birthday suit to be my best costume, as I don't have any costumes

    Jessyca: I can agree with u

    Floki: Is there a particular dress or lingerie that most of your clients love seeing you in?

    Jessyca: I think most of my clients prefer to see me fully naked..they take all my clothes off

    Floki: You always seem to look great, so do you have a strict diet or do you like me, eat all out, eat whatever you wish?
    For me, I'm happy with a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.

    Jessyca: Thanks u. No..I don't have any diet. Actually i cook and I don't eat fast foods or junk food. Just what is made by my own hands

    Floki: Do you train and how much time do you put into training?

    Jessyca: I never step in a gym or do exercise
    I think my only work out is in the bedroom

    Floki: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when your not advertising?

    Jessyca: I enjoy relaxing..watching a good movie or going out in a nice restaurant or for a coffee,also doing my and drawing

    Floki: Do you like reading books, playing sports, etc?

    Jessyca: I like reading but i don't have so much time unfortunately..but when i am free sometimes I go for a tennis or table games

    Floki: And finally, would you consider touring around the world?

    Jessyca: I don't have any plans yet.

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    Don't waste your time looking back.
    You're not going that way.

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    Jessy you are just amazing ....Can you arrest me please?
    You are the sexys cop ever ,I will behave I promise you

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    Always nice to hear from you, Jessyca.
    10,000 years of Middle Eastern civilisation and the place is not at peace but rather in pieces.

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    What a total babe Jessyca Wild is. Well done Floki The best feature of E-I is back!! Keep those interviews coming.

    I'm so happy!

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    Well done jessyca, great interview. And well done floki, good to see the interviews back again.

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    Down to earth lady ��

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    Nice and well done to both.


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  14. Default

    I love this interview! Jessyca is so funny and honest. Good job to both of you!
    Join me on Twitter

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    well done Jessica & good of you to take the time for this interview!

    ♥ Robbie ♥

    4000 posts

    Transvestite or TV- a person, typically a man, who derives pleasure from dressing in clothes appropriate to the opposite sex.

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    My absolute favorite is about the priest asking her to act like a demon, amateur exorcist! love it!

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