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Thread: Brighten up your windows.

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    Default Brighten up your windows.

    I've noticed that some of the places I visit regularly are looking a bit drab and dilapidated, paint peeling, windows dirty, curtains and blinds constantly closed and looking manky, even broken. Even in apartment blocks you can look up and pick out the brothels from outside if you have an idea where to look. Inside is a different story and the same places are cleaner and better kept than my own house.
    Now you probably think wtf, but there's nothing that attracts the attention of nosy neighbours quicker than a run down property in their midst. Next they notice different ladies and a stream of men into an otherwise abandoned looking building.
    So what do you think, is your local home away from home due a makeover?
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    Iím thinking of brightening up my windows, nice view when I come home from work, what you think?

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    brighten up windows???

    currently residing in:

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