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    Hi all

    Just want to see what others think about this girl's profile?
    Is new to the site and has 3 reviews but unsure whether the reviews look genuine.
    She looks amazing in the pictures.. too good to be true maybe?


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    She writes in her introduction that the photos are 'genuine' which only makes me suspicious of them. I mean why mention that if they actually are genuine.

    And just the wording of the first review which actually states that because it is the first review it may cause people to doubt its legitimacy made me roll my eyes.
    Plus it says on the reviewers profile that they only joined 4 weeks ago and they have not been online since so I would be mighty suspicious.

    Though the other 2 reviews seem legit from established members with a number of other reviews.
    Maybe the first review was just a new escort trying to get the ball rolling to get some business.

    Maybe pm the reviewers and see if you can get more info about her.

    Though I have to agree with you if those photos are genuine then she is a stunner.
    I'll keep an eye on her profile. If she is genuine then I definitely want to meet her.

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    I met her about 3 weeks ago, beautiful girl. New on the scene hence the shortage of reviews. I checked her out when she had no reviews so had similar concerns. I was introduced to her by another escort hence I couldn't give a review myself (Service differed from the advert). Definitely worth a visit. PM me if you want anymore information about my visit.

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    The first review is a little suspicious, but other than that it stacks up - especially the other two reviewers. I think she is legit.

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