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Thread: My community service /good deed for the day!!!

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    Default My community service /good deed for the day!!!

    Some of you may find the following useful or I may just get a mother load of abuse

    PM problems. Suggest you check your spam filter as mine stopped several PM's as my settings were automatically updated and blocked PM's from this site which were coming through before. To get PM's through spam filter just click on them in spam and your back in business

    I did not know that I am limited to 10PM's per hour if the same applies to escorts there in may be why you may not get a response from a escort.

    When you are signing in if you press the space bar after you enter your username it will invalidate your password(just think how much time this will save and am i goin senile moments)

    You all have a nice day now and any other useful input much yummied

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    Re: passwords

    Use a password manager like lastpass. You have 1 fuck off good password to remember and it generates complex/random passwords for every site you use.

    Means if you use the same password everywhere when one site gets breached, they don't have the password to everything.

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